About Us

About Express Pazarlama.

As marketing company, we bring to you the real estate investment that you are looking for and make sure that your real estate projects find the value it deserve. Due to our more than 5 years  experience and our expert team, you can entrust all your projects to us. From the very first day we were founded, we have worked to please  people who consult us. You come to us  reassured to own a home or to market your projects. We use the expertise and resources we have to market the projects of our valued clients and the companies that come to us and make them a homeowner.

We offer the best service to our clients who apply to market their projects. Our wide and specialized staff enables us to provide a comprehensive project marketing service. By using both digital and traditional channels, we can reach your target audience in the most effective way. We organize several  successfull campaigns targeting investors and people who want to  own a  home. If you trust our marketing company, you’ll see your projects quickly gain value. Since 2015, we have been striving to not disappoint our customers, and give them the best service they can get.

We pursue  with all our strength to ensure that our customers who come to  us for owning a home can have what they dreamed of . You can search a home for investment or living. Our company will bring exactly the houses you want to you with its strong department and experience.. Since the day we were founded, we have been developing ourselves in real estate  and make sure of that our customers who apply to us are satisfied. Do not forget that the most important thing for us is to have a home that our valued customers can be happy in .

Our company job is To follow up on all the available developments and provide our customers with the best marketing service and the best real estate opportunities. It is also part of our job to keep them informed about every detail about the project from the moment they came to us,  to create a strong marketing plan together.  Our vision is to rise and be at the top in this sector that we have been working  for 5 years  .We want to continue to be a true, honest and successful marketing company that people look up to  in the future as we are now, and leave behind people who are happy to deal with us.

Our next goal is to progress by constantly place  it on top and to add new ones to the great works we have done so far. We provide to you professional assistance on matters such as Residential projects, real estate consultancy, portfolio planning for customers. With years of experience, we stand by you from start to finish and ensure that you reach targets one by one in every field you can think of.

When you come to us to own a house, we discuss all the details with you at the first stage and define a suitable sample house. After that, we evaluate the projects that we have and negotiate prices with the project owners. We review all current and future projects on the market and list the houses that suit your budget. Do not forget that there is always a suitable house for you in our company.

Being preferred and selling in the real estate sector, where there is a lot of competition, definitely depends on a good marketing planning. Wouldn’t you like your investments that you have made by making long efforts and spending large amounts of money to find their worth? Or wouldn’t you want to own your dream house with the money you have saved for a long time? Our company will provide you exactly that. Since we keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, you will be able to get the highest benefit with us as soon as possible. We want to leave this work we have been doing for many years to future generations and to give you good service with the sweat of our forehead. We proudly carry the name Express marktıng and give you the promise that you will not regret for choosing us.